About Your Visit

Welcome to Redwood Physical Therapy!
At Redwood Physical Therapy, we help you understand your problem and provide strategies to maximize your benefits from treatment. Our goal is for you to stay as healthy and pain-free as possible. We communicate on a regular basis with referring physicians and your insurance company to provide you with an optimal continuum of care. You will be treated by a licensed physical therapist that has completed postgraduate education and professional licensure requirements. To assist our Spanish-speaking patients, we have front office staff who are fluent in Spanish.

Initial Visit
We will perform a comprehensive evaluation, which includes a review of medical history and physical examination to identify your problems, concerns and needs. Information from this evaluation, and your response to the initial treatment, will form the basis of your custom treatment plan. We will discuss this information with you and together, formulate realistic goals for your physical therapy treatment program.

Follow-Up Visits
At Redwood Physical Therapy, we understand that each patient is unique and in order to maintain progress, each follow-up visit includes a reassessment of your condition to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment program. We will then modify or advance your program as necessary. Physical therapy doesn’t stop at the clinic! When you have achieved your treatment goals, we will prescribe an individualized home exercise program and strategies to help prevent recurrence of your problem.

Insurance Coverage
With a physician’s referral, our services are covered by a majority of insurance companies. We are in network with most major insurances including Medicare, Tricare and Workers’ Compensation networks. We will bill your insurance company directly and can verify your benefit coverage prior to your fist visit. For more information, contact our office.

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